Private Jet Charter Glossary

Whether you're looking for air operators, empty leg flights, private jet locations, or anything charter, these are the key names you need to know

FlyEasy Software

FlyEasy is an advanced software platform built on air charter operator and broker feedback, using custom tools to help these businesses sell more charter and combat inefficiencies. Our unique technology ranges from aircraft fleet management to automated empty leg notifications and real-time charter availability in an open system, including our instant and accurate quoting engine. We support air operators and brokers by leveraging the latest technology available to reduce bottlenecks in charter sales and marketing processes.
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Air Charter Guide

The Air Charter Guide is a print publication listing all charter aircraft operators, fleet by home base, and FBO locations. The guide also can be searched online by visiting the Air Charter Guide website and is meant to be a resource for charter professionals in the private aviation industry. The Air Charter Guide generates revenue from its print and electronic advertising channels and is managed under the Aviation Week Network brand.


ARGUS provides safety, software, data, and risk management solutions in the private aviation industry. ARGUS is best known in North America for its aircraft operator and charter broker rating systems and onsite operational and safety audits. AVMOSYS is one of its subsidiaries, offering flight scheduling software solutions. ARGUS generates revenue mainly from fees for operational audits and for maintaining its rating tiers.


Avianis is a software company that provides a platform for flight operations management. The platform includes a flight scheduling system, customer relationship management tool, billing and expense tracking, crew record tracking, and fleet maintenance schedules. Avianis generates its revenue per user subscription to its software platform.


Avinode provides an online B2B marketplace for charter operators and charter brokers looking to buy and sell air charter. Beyond their marketplace offering, Avinode provides a flight operations and charter quoting tool SchedAero, and recently added PayNode as a payment platform for business aviation. Avinode generates its revenue per user subscription to its Marketplace  and SchedAero products, including payment processing fees for use of its PayNode product.


BART (Business Aircraft Records and Tracking) is an aviation management software platform, which includes charter quoting, CRM, scheduling, flight logging, shuttle booking, crew management, and reporting modules as part of the software suite. BART is owned and operated by Seagil Software Company and generates revenue per user subscription to its platform.


Charterpad hosts an online charter marketplace by tapping into the Charter Availability forum from NBAA Air Mail where charter professionals can post trip requests and availability. The platform allows users to search the Air Mail forum through the trip board, look up operator fleet information, and locate airport information depending on what data has been updated in the system. Charterpad generates revenue per user subscription to its marketplace.


Jetsmarter is a members-only marketplace for shared public and private charter flights. The flight services offered include a mix of private and shared flight services including on-demand charter booking, per-seat shared jet booking, jet shuttle routes with point-to-point pricing, and empty leg flights. Jetsmarter generates revenue from membership fees and brokerage fees collected as a percentage for each flight booked on the mobile app.


Returnjet is a free charter marketplace primarily built for the broker wholesale market to source charter trips. Originally started as an empty leg marketplace, Returnjet now allows operators to list fleet pricing information in their system to allow brokers to search for availability for free. The platform is advertised as the free rival to the Avinode marketplace. Returnjet generates revenue by charging fees for advertising on its online marketplace.

Rockwell Collins FOS

Rockwell Collins' ARINCDirect Flight Operations System (FOS) is a modular software platform integrating crew and aircraft scheduling, charter quoting, flight logging, automated reporting, and third party interface capabilities. FOS is one of the more popular scheduling and quoting software platforms among charter operators with large fleet sizes. Revenue is generated per user subscription to the FOS software platform.


Stellar Labs provides a digital marketplace for private aviation charter where users can search, filter, book, and pay for flights. Stellar recently partnered with Rockwell Collins to rebuild the FOS scheduling and quoting system and integrate it with their Stellar Cloud charter marketplace. Stellar does not generate any revenue at the moment and is under development.


Wyvern provides solutions for safety, quality, risk management, and training for manned and unmanned aviation. Wyvern's services include operator certifications via third-party safety assessments and desk reviews for flight department, brokers, operators, organizations, and the flying public to ensure compliance with industry best practices. Wyvern generates revenue from fees collected for safety audits and certificate maintenance.

Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights are the result of an original private jet charter flight, but are void of passengers as these are segments that return the aircraft back to its home base. Empty legs are often referred to in the industry as deadhead flights, true one-ways, reposition flights, flight specials, deals, and other terminology used by air operators and charter brokers.